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2nd Jul 22 - Jibin Jibin

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The prices of cooking gas cylinders were reduced on Friday, July 1. The rates of Indane gas cylinders declined by ₹198 in the national capital Delhi on July 1. The rate of LPG cylinder has been reduced by ₹182 in Kolkata, ₹190.50 in Mumbai, while it has been reduced by ₹187 in Chennai. Petroleum company Indian Oil has made rate cuts in commercial cylinders, according to a report by Live Hindustan, Livemint's sister publication.

Whereas domestic LPG cylinder consumers have continued to face the brunt of high prices. A domestic cylinder of 14.2 kg has neither become cheap nor expensive. It is still available at the same rate as on May 19.

1 July: ₹2021

1 June: ₹2219

19 May: ₹2354

7 May: ₹2346

1 May: ₹2355.5

1 April: ₹2253

22 March: ₹2003

1 March: ₹2012

Last month in June the commercial cylinder rates were reduced by ₹135 whereas, in May, consumers of domestic LPG cylinders were shocked twice. The rate of a domestic cylinder (LPG Cylinder Price Today) was increased by ₹50 for the first time on May 7 and on 19th May also the price of a domestic LPG gas cylinder was increased.

Delhi: ₹1,003

Mumbai: ₹1,003

Kolkata: ₹1,029

Chennai: ₹1,019

Lucknow: ₹1,041

Jaipur: ₹1,007

Patna: ₹1,093

Indore: ₹1,031

Ahmedabad: ₹1,010

Pune: ₹1,006

Gorakhpur: ₹1,012

Bhopal: ₹1,009

Agra: ₹1,016

Ranchi: ₹1,061


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