Why ‘X’ written on last compartment of train?

19th Jun 22 - Jibin Jibin

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You must have noticed a big ‘X’ mark on the back of the last compartment of all trains. Have you ever thought what does it denote?

The mark ‘X’ written on the last compartment of the train suggests the train is moving with its last coach and no coach is left over. It is generally written in effervescence yellow.

If a train passes a station and the Station Master notices that the last compartment doesn’t have a big letter ‘X’ then he becomes sure that the train is in trouble and it is moving without its last vehicle.

He then raises an alert to avoid accident. If a common man finds a train moving without ‘X’ mark on its last compartment, s/he should understand that a few compartments are left behind and should alert the nearby railway station immediately.

Only after seeing the last compartment with ‘X’ mark cross the station, the station master gives permission to the station master of the previous station to leave another train. 

Besides the ‘X’ mark, a small board with letters ‘LV’ (black on yellow) is also attached to the last compartment. ‘LV’ means, Last Vehicle. 

Both the symbols ‘X’ and ‘LV’ are useful during the day time as in night they are not visible.


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