DNMCI Brings Relief to Digital News Media Channels.

12th Feb 22 - Gvnn News

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- The Digital News and Media Council of India (DNMCI) has launched a campaign to bring relief to all new generation media in India.

New Delhi: The Digital News and Media Council of India (DNMCI) has launched a campaign to bring relief to all new generation media in India.

Registration numbers will be made available to all digital media outlets growing in India after evaluating their performance and providing the necessary training to those who qualify.

News telecasts on the Website will not be subject to the same rules as those who have a news page on social media such as FaceBook and YouTube etc. DNMCI Registration Numer is only available to those with a minimum subscription. In addition, a PAN card with the same name will be mandatory.

Initially, nodal offices will be set up in all the states and the nodal offices will be headed by a committee of 15 persons selected from the respective states. The digital news channel will receive the DNMCI registration number after evaluation by the relevant committee. Applications can also be sent directly to the DNMCI Central Office in Delhi.

The five-day training for two people from selected news channels will be conducted every month at DNMCI centers in Delhi (Central), Goa (South) and Siliguri (WB, North East). The registration number will be available only after the training. These numbers are mandatory for all telecast photos and videos. Details of registered digital news channels name will be available on the DNMCI official website on or after June 2022.

"Digital News Press" clubs will be started in all districts. Three people can get membership and DNMCI Digital Press ID card from one digital news channel. Those who complete six months will receive insurance coverage and be allowed to participate in "Digital News Press" clubs in other districts and states.

As part of its efforts to provide relief to young people and journalists who have proven their ability in digital news, the Central Government will immediately provide all guidelines to ensure freedom of the press.

The Chairman informed that the work of setting up the National State Nodal Offices of the Digital News and Media Council of India (DNMCI) within three months has already started from Delhi.

For more information, please mail to indiadnmc@gmail.com or call 74474 88777.


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